Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Get Set...

Oh boy! Here I sit in the Milwaukee airport, waiting on my US Airways flight to Philadelphia... then Frankfurt, Germany, then Basel, Switzerland! After that, my journey will be on board trains and buses to Lure, France. That's right, folks- I will set foot in FOUR countries in one day!
Thanks for all of the comments and questions so far. I have some great starting points for my research!

Yesterday I visited with our classroom friends (pictured right), and they bid me farewell for three weeks. I spent today baking chocolate chip cookies (a uniquely American treat!) for my hosts/hostesses and packing. Even though I haven't lived at home for eight years, I still had to call my mom and make sure I didn't forget anything! Here is what I packed for my trip:

- cinq chemises
- quatre pantalon
- cinq paires de chaussettes
- deux paires de chaussures
- les sous-vetements
- un ordinateur
- un appareil-photo
- une camera-video
- mon passeport
- de l'argent
- deux livres
- shampooing, dentifrice, savon, etc.

Did I forget anything?


Rishi Raghunathan said...

where are your adapteurs? You need to charge les electroniques!

Adupee said...

!!! Tu as raison! I may have to charge them with my Will Power...

MkeLaurie said...


Did you pack hair accessories?

You do put your hair up a lot!

-Nathalie A.

SLKoconis said...

Apprécier chaque minute. Voyager sûr.
Sherry Dubois Baird Koconis

KHiller said...

Bonjour Madame,
Do the children in France have chocolate chip cookies as a snack?
Marla H.