Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Go by plane! Go by bus! Go by train!

I'M HERE!! After 3 planes, one bus and 3 trains, I have arrived in Lure. Here are a few things that I have almost forgotten since the last time I was here:

1) Time does not revolve around my schedule here. It revolves around the train and bus schedule. As much as I would have liked to hop in a car and drive right to Mlle Sarah (my sister-in-law, with whom I am staying), that was not a possibility. Instead, I waited for the trains and buses, making multiple connections. Thank goodness I had Fanny Price, the heroine of the book I'm reading, by my side to keep me company.

2) Before hopping on a train, you must "composter" (validate) your ticket! When the conductors come through on a French train, they are looking for two things: a) if you have a ticket, and b) if you got it punched before you left the station. I took a picture of the contraption that punches your ticket in the station- "le composteur".

3) There is nothing better than homemade French bread. Shortly after my arrival, two friends of Mlle Sarah arrived for tea. They brought with them fresh homemade bread, cooked to perfection. With a slather of Nutella on top, that is a snack that can't be beat!

P.S. I'm having trouble downloading pictures right now- I will add them tomorrow...

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Frenchie said...

Du pain francais et du Nutella -miam, miam! J'ai faim. Mange un morceau pour moi!