Monday, June 16, 2008

Picnic on a train

After a final farewell dinner last night (the first picture to the right is the family who had us over), I have left Lure to continue my travel and discovery of what French children are like, this time in Maule, close to Paris. My cousin Andrew (second picture) lives here and teaches English to students here.

So this morning I hopped on a train and went to Paris, where I changed trains and headed for Maule, a small farm town outside of the big city. I didn't stay in Paris for more than an hour because of my train schedules (I will be back there this weekend), but even in my short layover, I saw 2 film stars! Well, kind of. First, I saw a movie being filmed in the mall inside the train station. Although I didn't recognize any stars, it was quite the production, with camera men and lighting people and actors and actresses and directors. Lots of bystanders were looking on with interest. Secondly, after I got on my train, and I was waiting for it to leave, I saw Remy from Ratatouille make a brief appearance on the tracks next to mine, only to disappear into a pipe. So that's why you should stay off the tracks...

My second train was a double-decker, and I got to ride on the top! It was great. Because my journey from one part of France to the other was pretty long, I took a picnic with me- yum. I thought it was interesting that in the car behind me was a group of German students. Apparently at the end of the year, students from European schools often take day field trips to neighboring countries! For example, a group of fourth graders from Sarah's school recently went to Germany for the day. They may also go to Switzerland, Spain or Italy. I wonder if Mrs. Lengh would be open to us taking a trip to France for the day next year... :)

My train ride was great- the French countryside appeared quickly from behind me, only to fade into the panorama. But it looks like the countryside is here to stay for a few days, and I look forward to the new people I will meet and new lessons I will learn.

Elizabeth asked a question about food. Oh Elizabeth, I could type for hours on that question! Interestingly enough, I have only been out to eat one time, and I ate crepes- a salty one with egg, cheese and ham, and a sweet one with fresh raspberries. I plan to do lots of eating out in Paris this weekend, and may even devote an entire post to food...

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Cindy said...

Thanks Allison, for answering Elizabeth's question. She had a big smile on her face knowing that her French teacher was answering her question!

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