Tuesday, June 3, 2008

On Your Mark...

I am officially one week from my departure date for my French and Swiss adventure! That's right- next Tuesday, I'll pack my bags and head off to the Milwaukee airport, and arrive the next day at the train station- la gare- in Lure, France (pictured). All of my reservations are made, my plans are set, and my head is swimming with questions about what kids are like in France and Switzerland. What do they eat? What are their favorite books? What songs do their moms and dads sing to them at night? Who are their heroes, both past and present? What do they like to do at recess? So many things to investigate!

What about you? Do you have any questions for me to investigate?


Ryan Murray said...

Hey there Alison,

The third grade team hopes to do something like this blog when we go out east. I will check here often for ideas and inspiration.

Happy traveling. Be safe. Have fun. Enjoy your time abroad.


Carolyn Lengh said...


The LS wishes you safe travels. No matter how many miles you travel from us on this trip, we will be hanging closely to each word (for some of us especially if those words are in English :-)as we read this blog and learn about the French and Swiss children and their families you meet along your path. I am confident you will represent us well during your travels; the children in both countries will be drawn to your quick smile and warm ways.

Take care of yourself,

Cindy said...

Hi Alison,

Madame Nosbusch shared this blog(following your blog entries allows me to "go back to school," if only a little bit!).

I'm wondering what kinds of media (tv, music, video games, hand-held games, computer games and use of internet) French and Swiss children use.

Also, do they experience as much commercialized entertainment as our children do?

Enjoy yourself and thanks for sharing your observations on a blog.

Cindy Zautcke (Ostermeyer)

Will Piper said...

Hey Alison,
Wishing you a safe trip!

I look forward to hearing all about it.


MkeLaurie said...


Hope you had a safe flight. Would your itinerary happen to include Altdorf, Switzerland? Nathalie's paternal great-grandmother's family emigrated from this village.

Laurie (and Nathalie) Arendt

heckje said...


I would like to know about the special terms of endearment commonly used by French speaking children when referring to their father. For me, I would appreciate being aware of the subliminal meaning when my French speaking daughter is adressing me. For example what are the French equivalents to:
Old Man

or even more subtle:

Dad (Do you think I could have a puppy for my birthday?))
Dad (Please don't embarass me with your stories)
Dad (Can I lean on you a little?)
or Dad (you make me laugh!)

Just wanted to know a few of things just in case.



Wynn said...

Bon nuit madame!
It is 8:50 P.M. in Mequon right now -what time is it in France?

From Holland Culver ( :

Wynn said...

Bon nuit Madame

It is 8:47 in Mequon right now-what times is it in france?

From Holland Culver