Thursday, June 12, 2008

Not in Kansas Anymore...

Bonjour a tous! Today was a very productive day in the life of Madame Dupee. Let me tell you a bit about my day by sharing with you the places I visited today.

- 2 ecoles. I was the guest teacher for the second school, where we learned how to say different prepositions (under, on, in front of, behind).

- Un magasin de jouets (a toy store), where I bought some fantastic things for my wonderul students to use in the classroom!

- Une fromagerie (a cheese store)

- Une epicerie (a grocery store)

- Une boucherie (the butcher shop)

- Une bibliotheque (we all know that one, right?). The librarian was so excited about what I was studying that she is going to talk with the other librarians to make a list of the most popular kids books in France to give to me tomorrow! I can't wait to see what they come up with!

- Une maison. I just finished a delicious dinner by two of Sarah's friends. Marla posted a question about chocolate chip cookies, so I asked these friends if they had ever eaten one. Their answer- what is a chocolate chip cookie? I had to fix that! I gave her the rest of the cookies that I had brought for Sarah, and they were a bit hit. Instead of chocolate chip cookies, this friend (Claudine) said that bread and chocolate were very popular as a snack.

Here is Sarah posing with another popular snack, and me with the gifts she gave me for housewarming gifts (a grocery sack- very popular here, and a tablecloth- sewn by her!).

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Kathy Choren said...

Hello Madame!
Waht fun to see what you are up to---a lot of eating it seems..Mmmm. What are the schools like that you visit? Do the students have uniforms? What do they bring for lunch? Do they have English classes like we have French classes?
"Madame" Choren